Sunday, April 26, 2015

Lovies for the Little Ones

When I was thinking about a name for my blog, I thought about what my purpose.  Why do I like to crochet?  What do I like to crochet? 

I am a creative person and I've dabbled in lots of creative arenas: writing, beadwork, drawing, furniture refinishing (once I turned a dresser into a desk), and crochet.  I spent years writing a story in hopes that I would finish it someday and publish it.  Currently, it's about 1/8 complete and has hibernated for two years.  With young little ones, there isn't a lot of time I can fully dedicate my mind to the story I wish to create. 

And I'm stuck.  Writer's block.

At first, when I saw all the amazing things my sister was crocheting, I didn't think my skills were up to it.  She's a rock star.  She's my motivator.  She got me out of baby blankets and crocheting things I didn't know I could make.  When she shared blog posts about cool things to make, and assured me that it was all about being able to follow a pattern, I started to make them.  Then I found my own things I wanted to make.  I found I could make some pretty cool things!

Which brings us to the second question.  I find I'm still drawn to making things for little ones.  OK, little ones and afghans.  I thought briefly about crocheting to sell the things I crochet.  Then I realized I'm not one who likes to make the same pattern over and over again.  I've just found a world of crochet, there're too many things out there to try!

When I first thought about designing, I didn't know how I could create something like the beautiful patterns I've seen.  With time, and practice, though, I started to get ideas.  Soon the ideas turned into projects.  Now, I'm getting ready to release my first pattern/photo tutorial and working on my second. 

And I noticed that my purpose was still focused on little ones.

Stay tuned!  I hope to have a post about my first pattern within the week!

Wednesday, April 8, 2015

Before We go Forward...

...I may as well tell you what brought me here.

My grandmother taught me to crochet.  I would watch her make beautiful baby sets (booties, bonnet, blanket), or work on afghans and I asked her if she would teach me,  When I was ten, she told me she would teach me that summer. 

The first thing I ever made was what I call "elf slippers."  You single crochet a square and then you sew one side and a little up a second.  You get pointy-toed slippers with a pointy fold-down flap. I made a pair for myself and a pair for my siblings.  The next summer, I learned to read patterns and I made my first afghan - a granny square afghan from my grandmother's scrap yarn.

A short while later, my older sister was expecting her first baby.  I made him a blanket.  Little did I know how that commitment would keep me busy for the next.... seventeen years. 

But I'm going to pause for a minute.  There's another thread to this story that should be woven in about now. 

My little sister was also curious about crochet the summer I learned, but her fingers weren't up to the task of holding yarn and hook and chain, and she gave up.  She never did try to learn again from my grandmother.  But after growing up, she took interest in the fiber arts.  She started with a square loom, and one day I got a text, "How do you join two squares?"  So I texted her pictures and directions for how I join two squares.  A few weeks later, "What do you do after the starting chain?" and again I send her text and pictures.  Within a few months, she's sending me pictures of hats, cozies, leggings, headbands, afghans...

My sister's a rockstar!  I didn't know you could do all of that with crochet!

Needless to say, as I was completing my fourteenth and possibly final baby blanket for a nephew, I started to drool over the other projects and squares and crochet that my sister was sharing via Facebook.  I made a few squares... and then....

I joined the Sunset Family Living NICU Charity Challenge.

I'm taking part in the 2015 Moogly CAL.

I joined Look at what I Made's Sophies Universe CAL.

These crochet experiences have given me new skills, connected me with some awesome and talented artists, and provided me with a lot of inspiration! 

I think I might just design some crochet!