Sunday, April 26, 2015

Lovies for the Little Ones

When I was thinking about a name for my blog, I thought about what my purpose.  Why do I like to crochet?  What do I like to crochet? 

I am a creative person and I've dabbled in lots of creative arenas: writing, beadwork, drawing, furniture refinishing (once I turned a dresser into a desk), and crochet.  I spent years writing a story in hopes that I would finish it someday and publish it.  Currently, it's about 1/8 complete and has hibernated for two years.  With young little ones, there isn't a lot of time I can fully dedicate my mind to the story I wish to create. 

And I'm stuck.  Writer's block.

At first, when I saw all the amazing things my sister was crocheting, I didn't think my skills were up to it.  She's a rock star.  She's my motivator.  She got me out of baby blankets and crocheting things I didn't know I could make.  When she shared blog posts about cool things to make, and assured me that it was all about being able to follow a pattern, I started to make them.  Then I found my own things I wanted to make.  I found I could make some pretty cool things!

Which brings us to the second question.  I find I'm still drawn to making things for little ones.  OK, little ones and afghans.  I thought briefly about crocheting to sell the things I crochet.  Then I realized I'm not one who likes to make the same pattern over and over again.  I've just found a world of crochet, there're too many things out there to try!

When I first thought about designing, I didn't know how I could create something like the beautiful patterns I've seen.  With time, and practice, though, I started to get ideas.  Soon the ideas turned into projects.  Now, I'm getting ready to release my first pattern/photo tutorial and working on my second. 

And I noticed that my purpose was still focused on little ones.

Stay tuned!  I hope to have a post about my first pattern within the week!

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