Friday, May 22, 2015

Ray of Hope Butterfly Mandala

This mandala was spurred into being by the Deramores Blog Competition 2015.  While browsing Look at What I Made, I came across Dedri Uys' prediction for a crochet trend this year.  Sophie's Universe has inspired me to stretch my crochet wings and begin my own creations, so I had to show my support of her prediction.  Dedri mentioned turning Sophie's Garden into creative final pieces but also threw out that any 240-stitch mandala could be squared off using Sophie's Garden. 

All I have to do is make a 240-stitch mandala!

What a rush it was!  I had a goal, an idea, and a deadline.  I didn't take as many pictures of the work in progress as I would have liked, but I did finish it, square it off, and complete my blog entry in support of Dedri.  I went back afterwards to take close-up pictures of different parts of the pattern.

And now I have the pattern of this beautiful, artsy mandala to share.  You can find it in my Ravelry store.

The Ray of Hope Mandala begins with a yellow butterfly.  Yellow is for spina bifida, which occurs in the womb when the spinal column does not close all the way.  A percentage of the sales for this pattern will go toward a non-profit dedicated to helping children with spina bifida.

Since this is a 240-stitch mandala, you can grow it into a square by using Sophie's Garden (Part 4 of Sophie's Universe) by Dedri Uys at Look at What I Made.

This pattern is untested.  If you would like to test this pattern, send me an email.


  1. What a great post and gorgeous mandala. Thank you for supporting my prediction!

  2. Beautiful mandala!! Stopping by from HOHD link party.